Multilingualism and the Periphery

ISBN : 9780199945191

Sari Pietikainen; Helen Kelly-Holmes
256 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2013
Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics
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Multilingualism and the Periphery is an edited volume that explores the ways in which core-periphery dynamics shape multilingualism. The research focuses on peripheral sites, which are defined by a relationship-be it geographic, political, economic etc.-to some perceived centre. Viewing multilingualism through the lens of core-periphery dynamics allows the contributors to highlight language ideological tensions with regard to language boundary-making, language ownership, commodification and authenticity, as well as the ways in which speakers seek novel solutions in adapting their linguistic resources to new situations and thereby develop innovative language practices. Since the core-periphery relationship is never fixed, but instead constantly renegotiated and mutually constitutive, the essays in the volume are particularly concerned with processes of peripheralization and of centralization. The volume includes ten essays by leading scholars in the field, and introductory and concluding remarks by the volume editors.


1. Multilingualism and the Periphery
Sari Pietikainen and Helen Kelly-Holmes
2. Repositioning the Multilingual Periphery: Class, Language and Transnational Markets in Francophone Canada
Monica Heller
3. What Makes Art Acadian?
Mireille McLaughlin
4. Tourism and Gender in Linguistic Minority Communities
Joan Pujolar
5. Heteroglossic Authenticity in Sami Heritage Tourism
Sari Pietikainen
6. Linguistic Creativity in Corsican Tourist Context
Alexandra Jaffe and Cedric Oliva
7. 'Translation in progress': Centralizing and Peripheralizing Tensions in the Practices of Commercial Actors in Minority Language Tourist Sites
Helen Kelly-Holmes
8. Welsh Tea: The Centring and Decentring of Wales and the Welsh Language
Nikolas Coupland
9. The (De-)Centring Spaces of Airports: Framing Mobility and Multilingualism
Adam Jaworski and Crispin Thurlow
10. The Career of a Diacritical Sign: Language in Spatial Representations and Representational Spaces
Brigitta Busch
11. Multilingualism and the Periphery: Opportunities and Challenges
Helen Kelly-Holmes and Sari Pietikainen

About the author: 

Sari Pietikainen is Professor of Languages at the University of Jyvaskyla. Helen Kelly-Holmes is Lecturer in Sociolinguistics at the University of Limerick.

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