Planning Your Piano Success: A Blueprint for Aspiring Musicians

ISBN : 9780199942442

Stewart Gordon
192 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Feb 2014
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Young pianists pursuing a professional career face a barrage of questions, choices, and challenges. In this book, experienced teacher and performer Stewart Gordon offers a new and practical way to approach them by helping readers to plan strategically and build a secure and successful career from the ground up. For decades, Gordon has guided young pianists through the details of how to prepare musically, navigate their college years, and forge a career that will provide a livelihood. In this guide to beginning that musical career, Gordon has assembled the wisdom of decades of teaching: a fundamental body of information emerging pianists will rely on as they work toward their goals. His advice, focused on both mental and practical work, will enhance both motivation and security. Carefully balancing aspiration with reality and inspiration with organization, Gordon creates a blueprint for transforming dreams into achievement, and illustrates his points with examples drawn from the lives of famous musicians. The book also addresses many practical matters, such as developing keyboard technique, acquiring reading and memorizing skills, building repertoire, and balancing the demands of being a musician with living a full life. This volume is a valuable resource for both young pianists and their parents.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Bug Bites
Chapter 2 Bringing Your Family On Board
Chapter 3 Shopping For The Right Teacher
Chapter 4 Balancing Everything
Chapter 5 Building Technique
Chapter 6 Exploring Skills
Chapter 7 Developing Performance Chops
Chapter 8 Using Your Mind
Chapter 9 Creating Fantasy
Chapter 10 Securing Memorization
Chapter 11 Handling Rejection...And Success
Chapter 12 Choosing Your College
Chapter 13 Finding Your Way During The College Years
Chapter 14 Planning Repertoire
Chapter 15 Selecting Repertoire
Chapter 16 Broadening Horizons
Chapter 17 The Road Ahead

About the author: 

Stewart Gordon is a well-known pianist, teacher, writer, editor, and entrepreneur. His career spans several decades, first as a performer and now as a teacher and mentor to a new generation of pianists. He has created major music competitions, edited the Beethoven piano sonatas, composed for musical theater, and written books on keyboard literature, performance, and teaching.

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