Rebirth of the Sacred: Science, Religion, and the New Environmental Ethos

ISBN : 9780199942367

Robert Nadeau
200 Pages
162 x 240 mm
Pub date
Jan 2013
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There is also a large and growing consensus in the scientific community that resolving the environmental crisis will require massive changes in our political and economic institutions and new standards for moral and ethical behavior. In this groundbreaking book, Robert Nadeau makes a convincing case that these remarkable developments could occur if sufficient numbers of environmentally concerned people participate in the new dialogue between the truths of science and religion. Those who enter this dialogue will discover that the most fundamental scientific truths in contemporary physics and biology are analogous to and fully compatible with the most profound spiritual truths in all of the great religious traditions of the world. They will learn that recent scientific research has revealed that all of the 7 billion people on this planet are members of one extended human family and closely resemble other members of this family in genetic, cognitive and behavioral terms. And they will also learn that this research has also shown that we have an evolved and innate capacity to experience the other as oneself on the precognitive level and to engage in spontaneous moral behavior in the absence of feedback from higher level cortical processes associated with making conscious moral decisions. During the course of this discussion, it should become clear that there are two reasons why the new dialogue between the truths or science and religion could greatly enhance the prospects of resolving the environmental crisis. The first is that this dialogue can serve as the basis for articulating and disseminating an environmental ethos with a profound spiritual dimension. And the second is that the widespread acceptance of ethos could result in the fairly rapid emergence of well organized and highly effective worldwide movement in religious environmentalism.


Chapter One: Rebirth of the Sacred: Science, Religion and the New Environmental Ethos
Chapter Two: The New Story of Humanity: Brains, Minds, and the Environmental Crisis
Chapter Three: The New Story in Physics: Mind, Matter, and the Non-local Universe
Chapter Four: The New Story in Biology: Parts and Wholes in the Web of Life
Chapter Five: The Old Story: Sovereign Nation States and Myths of National Identity
Chapter Six: The Old Story: Metaphysics, Newtonian Physics, and Classical Economics
Chapter Seven: The Old Story: Metaphysics, Nineteenth Century Physics, and Neoclassical Economics
Chapter Eight: The Old Story: Economic Globalization, the Market Consensus, and the New State Religion
Chapter Nine: The Dream of this Place with Us: Science, Religion, and the Environmental Crisis

About the author: 

Robert Nadeau is an intensely interdisciplinary scholar who has attempted throughout his career to bridge the gap between what British physicist and novelist C.P. Snow termed the two-cultures of humanists-social scientists and scientists-engineers. Nadeau has previously published nine books and numerous articles that cover a wide variety of subject fields on both sides of the two-culture divide.

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