Genomic Medicine: Principles and Practice (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199896028

Dhavendra Kumar; Charis Eng
852 Pages
292 x 224 mm
Pub date
Dec 2014
Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics
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The first edition of Genomics and Clinical Medicine provided an overview of genomics-based advances in disease susceptibility, diagnosis, and prediction of treatment outcomes in various areas of medicine. Since its publication, the science of genomics has made tremendous progress, and exciting new developments in biotechnology and bioinformatics have created possibilities that were inconceivable only a few years ago. This completely revised second edition of Genomic Medicine reflects the rapidly changing face of applied and translational genomics in the medical and health context and provides a comprehensive coverage of principles of genetics and genomics relevant to the practice of medicine. The first section lays foundation to the practice of genomic medicine. New chapters in this section include bioinformatics, proteomics, microbial genomics and genomic education. Detailed discussions of genetic/genomic testing and screening and the ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) crucially address genethics and genomethics in the practice of Genomic Medicine. The second section includes clinical practice oriented chapters highlighting genomic applications (array comparative genomic hybridization, exome genome sequencing and new generation generation sequencing) in clinical diagnosis of congenital developmental malformations, Mendelian genetic disorders, and complex cardiovascular, neuro-psychiatric, ophthalmic, dermatologic, inflammatory and pediatric disorders. Separate chapters discuss microbial genomics with emphasis on the role of genomics in targeted antimicrobial therapy and development of genomic class of new vaccines. New developments in gene/ cell-based somatic therapy, regenerative medicine and targeted molecular therapy are discussed in respective chapters. All chapters are thoroughly indexed and supported by a carefully compiled glossary relevant to genetic and genomic medicine.


Part I: Principles of Genomic Medicine
1. Genes, genetics and human genomics- Dhavendra Kumar
2. The human genome- structure and organization- Andrew P. Read
3. Human Proteomics- Brian Morrissey, Lisa Staunton, Stephen R Pennington
4. Epigenetics, Epigenomics and Human Disease- Aravind Ramesh, Cihangir Yandim, Theona Natisvili, Marta Mauri, Piu Pik Law, Jackson P.K. Chan, Santiago Uribe Lewis, Richard Festenstein
5. Genes, genome and developmental malformations- Dhavendra Kumar
6. Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Systems Medicine- Binay Panda and Neeraja M Krishnan
7. Pharmacogenomics - Critical Component of Genomic Medicine- Wolfgang Sadee
8. New Drug Development, Drug Response, and Precision Medicines- Michelle Penny and Duncan McHale
9. Mitochondrial genetics and genomics in clinical medicine- Agnes Rotig and Dhavendra Kumar
10. Genomics Technology in Clinical Diagnostics- Kevin White
11. Microbial Genomics: targeted antimicrobial therapy and genome vaccines- Immaculada Margarit & Rino Rappuoli
12. Nutritional genomics- Zhenglong Gu, Kaixiong Ye and Patrick J. Stover
13. Genomics in Public and Population Health- Anastasia L. Wise and Teri A. Manolio
14. Genetic testing and genomic screening- Angus J. Clarke
15. Biobanking for genomics-based translational medicine- Steven J. Madore
16. Genetics and Genomics Education: The Path from Helix to Health- Reed E. Pyeritz
17. Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Clinical Genomics- Caroline F. Wright, Anna Middleton & Michael Parker
18. The regulation of human genomics research- Jane Kaye
Part II: Genomics in Clinical Practice
19. Genetic and genomic approaches to clinical medicine - Dhavendra Kumar
20. Genetic and genomic taxonomy of human disease - Dhavendra Kumar
21. Genomics of complex cardiovascular disease- Foram Ashar and Dan E. Arking
22. Genomics of type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity-V. Radha and V. Mohan
23. Genetics and genomics of osteoporosis and related disorders- Yoshiji Yamada
24. Genetics and Genomics of chronic kidney disease- Albert C.M.Ong and Alexander P. Maxwell
25. Genetics and genomics in clinical hematology I- Hemostasis and Thrombosis- John Mcvey
26. Genetics and genomics in clinical hematology II- Inherited disorders of haemoglobin- David J. Weatherall
27. Genetics and genomics in clinical hematology III- Acute leukemias- Kenneth Mills
28. Genetics and Genomics of Chronic Inflammatory disorders I: Inflammatory Bowel Disease- Saad Pathan
29. Genetics and Genomics of Chronic Inflammatory disorders II: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Related Arthropathies- Kate McAllister and Stephen Eyre
30. Genetics and Genomics of Chronic Inflammatory disorders III: Bronchial asthma- William Cookson
31. Genetics and genomics of neuro-psychiatric diseases I: Seizure disorders - William Owen Pickrell
32. Genetics and genomics of neuro-psychiatric diseases II: Multiple Sclerosis- Katharine Harding and Neil Robertson
33. Genetics and genomics of neuro-psychiatric diseases III: The Common Dementias- Amy Gerrish, Rebecca Sims and Julie Williams
34. Genetics and genomics of neuro-psychiatric diseases IV: Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder - Jinbo Fan
35. Genetics and genomics of neuro-psychiatric diseases V: Learning and behavioural disorders- F Lucy Raymond
36. Clinical Cancer Genomics - Joanne Ngeow and Charis Eng
37. Genomics and Infectious diseases: Susceptibility, resistance and anti-microbial therapy-Michaela Fakiola, Wei Lu, Sarra E. Jamieson and Christopher S. Peacock
38. Genomic perspectives of clinical immunology- Cornelius L. Verweij
39. Genomic applications in Clinical Pediatrics- Vinod Varghese, Sian Morgan and Ian Frayling
40. Genetics and Genomics in clinical ophthalmology I: The spectrum of genetic eye disease-Graeme CM Black
41. Genetics and Genomics in clinical ophthalmology II: Glaucoma - Roshanak Sharafieh, Anne H. Child and Mansoor Sarfarazi
42. Genetics and Genomics in clinical ophthalmology III: Age-Related Macular Degeneration- Mark E. Kleinman and Jayakrishna Ambati
43. Genomic applications in audiological medicine- Daphne Karfunkel-Doron, Zippora Brownstein and Karen B. Avraham
44. Genetics and Genomics of skin diseases I: Diseases of the epidermis: eczema, psoriasis- Paul Bowen
45. Genetics and Genomics of skin diseases II: Genomics of pigmentation and skin cancer- Eugene Healy
46. The genetic and genomic practice of reproductive medicine- Dhavendra Kumar
47. Stem cell Genomics - Kyle M. Loh & Bing Lim & Lay Teng Ang
48. Genomic applications in critical care medicine- Mathew Frise, Charles Hinds & Julian Knight
49. Targeted molecular therapy- Mark Davies & Julian Sampson
50. Glossary for genetic and genomic medicine- terms, definitions and phrases- Dhavendra Kumar

About the author: 

Professor Dhavendra Kumar, MD, FRCP, FACM, Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Institute of Medical Genetics (Cardiff University), Genomic Policy Unit (University of Glamorgan), University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK Professor Charis Eng, MD, PhD, FACP, Hardis Chair and Director of the Genomic Medicine Institute & Director of the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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