Positive Psychology on the College Campus

ISBN : 9780199892723

John C. Wade; Lawrence I. Marks; Roderick D. Hetzel
388 Pages
175 x 238 mm
Pub date
Aug 2015
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The field of positive psychology has blossomed over the past several years. A positive psychology course has become the most popular elective at Harvard, and leaders in many fields regularly draw upon concepts and strategies from the field's growing body of research. Because positive psychology provides a framework for enhancing individual, group, and institutional well-being, it is particularly relevant for college campuses, which are ripe for such strength-based interventions. Positive Psychology on the College Campus provides innovative strategies that can be employed with students to enhance both their personal development and educational experiences. The book also provides an overview of the state of college students' mental health and relevant developmental issues. Individual chapters, all written by experts in their fields, describe practical strategies for readers to use with students. Additionally, the authors explain how positive psychology can be applied in general to the college experience. With its wide-ranging topics and distinguished contributors, Positive Psychology on the College Campus is a must-have resource for all those who work with college students, including faculty, academic advisors, administrators, residence-life staff, counselors, and student-activities staff.


Chapter 1: Positive Psychology and Higher Education: The Contribution of Positive Psychology to Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness
Laurie A. Schreiner
Chapter 2: Millennials in Higher Education: As Students Change, Much about Them Remains the Same
Frank Shushok Jr. and Vera Kidd
Chapter 3: Positive Psychology 101
Jeana L. Magyar-Moe
Chapter 4: Cultural Competence in Positive Psychology: History, Research, and Practice
Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti
Chapter 5: Enhancing Intellectual Development and Academic Success in College:
Insights and Strategies from Positive Psychology
Michelle C. Louis
Chapter 6: Positive Psychology in the Classroom
Jeana L. Magyar-Moe
Chapter 7: Positive Career Counseling
John C. Wade
Chapter 8: Positive Supervision and Training
Janice E. Jones and John C. Wade
Chapter 9: Personal Growth and Development
Christine Robitschek and Megan A. Thoen
Chapter 10: Social Development and Relationship Enhancement
Sarah L. Hastings and Tracy J. Cohn
Chapter 11: The Role of Positive Psychology in Fostering Spiritual Development and a Sense of Calling in College
Bruce W. Smith, Belinda Vicuna, and Glory Emmanuel
Chapter 12: The Intersection of Positive Psychology and Leadership Development
Sharra Hynes
Chapter 13: Positive Psychology in College Sport and Exercise
Lisa M. Miller
Chapter 14: Life Coaching for Students
Lawrence I. Marks
Chapter 15: Creating a Positive Campus Culture
Tim Hodges and Jessica Kennedy

About the author: 

John C. Wade is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Clinical Psychology Program at Emporia State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Pennsylvania State University. He frequently conducts workshops on positive psychology, training and supervision, and current psychotherapy approaches. He is the co-author of Strength-Based Clinical Supervision: A Positive Psychology Approach to Clinical Training. Lawrence I. Marks is a Licensed Psychologist at the University of Central Florida Counseling and Psychological Services. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. He has extensive experience providing individual and group counseling and coaching, and has conducted over 200 presentations focusing on college student mental health and wellness including positive psychology applications.; Roderick D. Hetzel is a Licensed Psychologist in independent practice at Waco Psychological Associates. He also holds an appointment as Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology at George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University. His areas of professional interest include mind-body health, positive psychology, and college student mental health.

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