Solving Critical Consults

ISBN : 9780190251093

Eelco F. M. Wijdicks
168 Pages
171 x 234 mm
Pub date
Oct 2015
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Core Principles of Acute Neurology is a series of short volumes that handles major topics not found in sufficient detail elsewhere and provides useful context. Solving Critical Consults provide practical information on how to evaluate complicated neurology consults in the ICU. The diagnosis and management of neurologic complications of acutely ill hospitalized patients remains challenging. The modern intensive care unit is a different place with different patients, and consultants may require a specific expertise in handling complications associated with critical illness. Some of these requests for consultation include not only diagnosis of the neurologic state, but also assistance with management at all levels. Prognostication in devastating situations or when the critical illness has come under control is a common request.


Table of Contents
Introduction to Series
Chapter 1: Consulting in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 2: Acute Confusion in the Critically Ill
Chapter 3: Encephalopathies of Organ Dysfunction
Chapter 4: The Postoperative Cardiac Patient
Chapter 5: Neurologic Urgencies after Vascular Surgery
Chapter 6: Postcardiac Arrest Support and the Brain
Chapter 7: Acquired Weakness in the Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 8: Neurology of Polytrauma
Chapter 9: Neurooncology Emergencies
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting: ICU Neurotoxicology

About the author: 

Eelco Wijdicks is Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Chair of the Division of Critical Care Neurology, and Consultant, Neurological Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, Saint Marys Hospital, Mayo Clinic

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