The Boston Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment: A Practitioner's Guide

ISBN : 9780199794300

Lee Ashendorf; Rod Swenson; David Libon
464 Pages
168 x 242 mm
Pub date
Aug 2013
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The Boston Process Approach to neuropsychological assessment, advanced by Edith Kaplan, has a long and well-respected history in the field. However, its theoretical and empirical support has not previously been assembled in an easily accessible format. This volume fills that void by compiling the historical, empirical, and practical teachings of the Process Approach. The reader will find a detailed history of the precursors to this model of thought, its development through its proponents such as Harold Goodglass, Nelson Butters, Laird Cermak, and Norman Geschwind, and its continuing legacy. The second section provides a guide to applying the Boston Process Approach to some of the field's most commonly used measures, such as the various Wechsler Intelligence Scales, the Trail Making Test, the California Verbal Learning Test, and the Boston Naming Test. Here, the reader will find a detailed history of the empirical evidence for test administration and interpretation using Boston Process Approach tenets. The final section of the book provides various perspectives on the implementation of the Boston Process Approach in various clinical and research settings and with specialized populations.


Sandra Weintraub
Edith Kaplan and the Boston Process Approach: A Tribute to an Original Thinker
David J. Libon & Rod Swenson
Section I: Background
1. Historical Foundations of the Boston Process Approach and the Roots of Modern Neuropsychology at the Boston VA Medical Center
William Milberg & Nancy Hebben
2. Edith Kaplan: Educational Background and Her Impact on Neuropsychology
Marlene Oscar-Berman & Deborah A. Fein
3. Intellectual Antecedents to the Boston Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment
Russell M. Bauer & Dawn Bowers
Section II: Instruments
4. Process-Focused Assessment of Arousal and Attention
Elisabeth Moes, Haley Duncanson, & Carmen Armengol
5. Digit Span as a Neuropsychological Instrument of Error Processing
Melissa Lamar, Emma Rhodes, Denene Wambach, Rod Swenson, & David J. Libon
6. Process Analysis of the Digit Symbol Task
Lee Ashendorf & Erin Reynolds
7. A Process Approach to Understanding Concept Formation Using the Similarities Test
Tania Giovannetti, Colette Seter, Melissa Lamar, Catherine C. Price, Rod Swenson, & David J. Libon
8. The Trail Making Test
Lee Ashendorf
9. Error Analysis of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Fucntion System
Katherine L. Possin & Joel H. Kramer
10, The Dysexecutive Syndrome Associated with Alzheimer/Vascular Spectrum Dementia Syndromes and Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Analysis of Process and Errors
David J. Libon, Melissa Lamar, Catherine C. Price, Kelly Davis Garrett, Tania Giovannetti, Lisa Delano-Wood, Dana L., Penney, Joel Eppig, Christine Nieves, Mark W. Bondi, & Rod Swenson
11. Assessing Verbal List Learning: The California Verbal Learning Test and The Philadelphia (Repeatable) Verbal Learning Test
Kelly Davis Garrett, Catherine C. Price, Melissa Lamar, Tania Giovannetti, Lisa Delano-Wood, Dana L. Penney, Rod Swenson, Mark W. Bondi, Dean Delis, & David J. Libon
12. The Process Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Aphasia
Nancy Helm-Estabrooks & Marjorie Nicholas
13. Deficits in Semantic Memory Associated with Focal Neurodegenerative Diseases
Michael Bonner & Murray Grossman
14. Edith Kaplan and Callosal Disconnection Apraxias
Kenneth M. Heilman
15. Clock Drawing: Standing the Test of Time
Laura J. Grande, James L. Rudolph, Randal Davis, Dana L. Penney, Rod Swenson, David J. Libon, & William Milberg
16. Visuoconstructional Test Performance and Process Approach Application: Block Design, Object Assembly and the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure
Rod Swenson, Brianne Bettcher, William Barr, Megan Campbell Marsh, & David J. Libon
Section III: Clinical and Research Applications
17. The Kaplan-Baycrest Neurocognitive Assessment
Larry Leach
18. Process Analysis in the Assessment of Children
Jane Holmes Bernstein
19. The Integration of Process Analysis into the Clinical Assessment of Children: A Personal Perspective
Barbara Bruno-Golden
20. Process-Focused Assessment of Learning Disabilities and ADHD in Adults
Robert L. Mapou
21. A Process Approach to Everyday Action Assessment
Tania Giovannetti, Lauren Richmond, Sarah Seligman, Gregory A. Seidel, Mary Iampietro, Brianne M. Bettcher, Colette Seter, & David J. Libon
22. Implementing the Boston Process Approach in the Framingham Heart Study: It Is Possible
Rhoda Au & Sherral Devine
23. Conclusion
Lee Ashendorf

About the author: 

Lee Ashendorf, PhD, Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center Rod Swenson, PhD, Clinical Professor of Neuroscience, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences David Libon, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Drexel University School of Medicine

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