High Quality Psychotherapy Research: From Conception to Piloting to National Trials

ISBN : 9780199782468

Patricia A. Arean; Helena Chmura Kraemer
220 Pages
168 x 236 mm
Pub date
Aug 2013
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Although psychotherapy research shares many of the same methodological issues that pharmacology trials do, psychotherapy research poses unique challenges, including the difficulty (if not near impossibility) of keeping participants blind to treatment assignment, the need for a replicable manual and therapist training procedure, the importance of outside observation of therapy quality ratings, and the problems researchers face in measuring the active ingredients of psychotherapy. High Quality Psychotherapy Research is for all psychotherapy investigators who wish to learn state-of-the-art psychotherapy research methods. Organized developmentally, the book explains the conceptualization of the trial, discusses the pilot study and the large scale study, and concludes with instructions for designing a multi-site trial. Topics specific to psychotherapy research are examined in detail, including innovations in data analysis, how to conduct multi-site psychotherapy trials, mediation of treatment outcomes, the transportability of evidence-based behavioral interventions in community practice, training community providers to be study therapists, and recruiting hard-to-reach populations. High Quality Psychotherapy Research is an informative, practical book appropriate for a broad range of readers, from junior investigators developing their first study idea to seasoned investigators who wish to take their research to a larger-scale level.


1. Psychotherapy Research Defined
2. Creating and Supporting Hypotheses for Clinical Trials
3. Selecting and Creating Materials for a Psychotherapy Study: Therapy Manuals, Training Methods, and Fidelity Measures
4. Sample Definition, Measures, and Assessment Procedures
5. Designing the Study
6. Conducting the Pilot Study
7. Pulling It All Together: The Big Trial
8. Analyzing Your Data
9. The Multi-site Trial

About the author: 

Patricia A. Arean is Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF; Helena Chmura Kraemer is Professor of Biostatistics in Psychiatry (Emerita), Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

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